Traffic Data Collection
  • Various traffic measurements for engineering companies, public authorities in Germany and Austria
  • Over 100 permanent traffic counters/classifiers EasyCOUNT-Solar with GPRS communication for federal state Tirol, Austria
  • Traffic data collection (incl. GPRS data communication and entire data management) at more than 1.200 measuring sites with over 5.000 measuring cycles or respectively 65.000 daily measurements for Lower Austria
  • Over 100 traffic measurement sites on the basis of inductive loops in Austria
  • Over 50 traffic measurement systems on the basis of inductive loops for analysis of traffic interaction on freeway A4 in Poland
Schleifendetektor AVC Polen

Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • TrafXS network for journey time measurement in Greater Munich on the basis of number plate recognition
  • Over 70 video systems for number plate recognition in the context of video toll ('Videomaut') in Austria
  • Over 50 video systems for number plate recognition in the context of the truck toll system in Austria
  • TrafXS PARKING video system for parking management and analysis of car park utilization in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Automated recognition of trucks carrying hazardous materials on freeways
  • Mobile licence plate recognition system (V-REX) for vehicle tracing (Switzerland)
  • Various investigations for traffic flow analysis in Germany
  • Automated census of foreign transit motorized traffic on freeways in Germany
Einsatzfahrzeug slowakische Mautpolizei

Vehicle Weighing

Installation, maintenance and repair of dynamic axle weighers for statistic purposes and preselection of overloaded trucks:

  • Germany:
    Network of dynamic weighstations on german freeways: 12 measuring sites/32 WIM lanes (partly with automatic video registration for targeted control by the police)
  • Austria:
    5 measuring sites (statistics) with 12 WIM lanes
    5 preselection scales for truck control stations
  • Switzerland:
    Truck control stations at alp transit sections Gotthard (canton Uri) and St. Bernardino (canton Graubünden)
  • Italy:
    Truck preselection system with video registration
  • Poland:
    6 measuring sites (statistics)/12 WIM lanes
    5 preselection scales with video registration
    2 preselection scales (4 WIM lanes) with video registration and automatic number plate recognition; GPRS and TETRA data transfer
WIM Anlage Polen

Distribution and maintainance of static, calibratable wheel load scales for weight enforcement:

  • Germany:
    More than 100 wheel load scales for truck control for police and BAG (Bundesamt für Güterverkehr - federal office for transport of goods)
  • Weighing service for authorities and private companies in Germany (e.g. weiging of tram vehicle)
  • Romania:
    Over 130 wheel load scales (10t calibratable) for truck control for road traffic authorities

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