Vehicle Weighing

Mobile, Homologated Wheel Load Scales
of a light and rugged design. Because of their particular design the scales are much more insensitive concerning rough road surfaces. Two or more SAW wheel load scales can be combined to measure axle loads or gross vehicle weight. Due to this connection a great flexibility is guaranteed, as for example the simultaneous weighing of multiple axles and a computer-based reporting (printout and archival storage). >> more

Dynamic Axle Weigher
DAW 100 is a high-quality, automatic weighing and classification system for traffic data collection. Many applications are possible, such as the statistical evaluation of traffic data (dimension, weight and speed of vehicles). Via the EasyCOM module individual vehicle data can be stored and transfered to a remote control centre via GPRS/UMTS. >> more

Truck Control Station
for an efficient prosecution of overloaded trucks. While crossing the dynamic axle weigher (e.g. bending plate), integrated in the road surface, relevant data such as axle loads and gross vehicle weight is collected. In case an overloaded truck is detected, the vehicle data and a live video picture is send to a stationary or mobile control station further down the road. Several systems are currently in operation in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland. >> more
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Vehicle Weighing