Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Access Control Using Licence Plate Recognition
The protection of access roads, meaning the knowledge about incoming and outgoing vehicles as well as their length of stay within a certain area, is an important aspect for many security-relevant private and public facilities.

For this purpose the TrafXS licence plate recognition system is used. It consists of one or more high-quality infrared cameras and a TrafXS-VideoPC. The capture of licence plate images is usually done fully automatic and does not need an additional trigger (e.g. inductive loop, laser). Afterwards the images are further processed with a well proven and very accurate OCR algorithm.

The connection to a database allows the generation and matching with a so-called ‘white list’. In combination with a barrier for example, access is only granted if a licence plate number appears in above-mentioned list. In addition the TrafXS system can be combined with different ID technologies (PIN, RFID etc.) in order to achieve a higher degree of security.

Amongst others the system is used for access control at camping grounds. To control the access autorization at the gate of a camping ground often is a troublesome business, for staff and for customers. Particulary during rush hours a delay in handling can lead to traffic jams and annoyed customers. Using the TrafXS CAMPING system it is possible to keep the traffic flowing during these peak hours.

With the information about incoming and outgoing vehicles different statistics can be generated. If necessary, information about the duration of stay (e.g. weekly or monthly statistics) can be gathered which might be important for logistic reasons.

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