Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Vehicle Tracing
Amongst others the automatic number plate recognition system V-REX was developed in the context of vehicle tracing and can be operated stationary as well as mobile. Due to an integrated illumination in a non-visible range the system is also suitable for hidden investigations.

The capture of licence plate images is done fully automatic (videotrigger) by special high-quality infrared cameras. An additional sensor technology (e.g. laser, radar) as trigger is not needed. The well proven OCR algorithm is optimized regarding accuracy and speed of detection. Thereby a best possible reading result is guaranteed.

The stationary system consists of one or more infrared cameras and a video pc, integrated into an outdoor housing. The system can be installed on overhead gantries, light-signal systems, bridges etc. The update of a 'black list' (list of vehicles the authority/police is searching for) is realized by a secured GPRS/UMTS communication, which is based on a multi-level fault tolerence concept.

For mobile operations, meaning dynamic licence plate recognition (driving car), the camera is integrated into the vehicle via suction mount or pan/tilt unit with remote control. A separate notebook serves as control panel. An update of the ‘black list’ can either be done by GPRS/UMTS communication or manually.

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Vehicle Tracing